Hanging with galpals in beautiful, romantic Paris, France….

….getting the "inside" track from in-the-know, fun English-speakers…

….being led to the best shopping, museums and sight-seeing ….

….exploring French culinary delights without breaking the bank….

….encountering delightful Parisians all along the way!


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Have Questions about Paris? This Book has all the Answers! 



So you’re coming to Paris on a holiday or for an extended stay? Lucky you! Or maybe you just love to read every book you can get your hands on about Paris? The founder of Nuit Blanche Tours wrote this comprehensive guidebook as a result of leading English-speaking visitors around the City of Light since 2004. The books answers the most urgent needs, concerns, doubts and questions that repeatedly get asked by visitors — before, during and after your arrival.

Save time, hassle and needless expense and make the most of your precious stay in Paris — we’ve done the research and work for you and have presented the ‘insider information’ in an easy format that can be read in just a couple of hours! Happy Travels!

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